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Additionally, three respondents from state organization of social companies were recruited by way of private contacts from the earlier examine. Despite the alarmingly excessive prevalence of IPV in Greece, The Greek government only just lately acknowledged it as a social drawback. An motion plan was created for years 2004–2008, in which emphases had been placed on combating gender inequality within the labor market, training, and ladies’s participation in choice making, along with preventing and combating violence towards women . In addition, several authorized reforms had been enacted in order to get rid of gender inequality, discrimination and violence against women. However, the Greek government was repeatedly criticized for both not implementing the gender-based mostly laws or for not taking full comprehensive measures to get rid of violence against women and trafficking . In the general public sphere, Greek society has been steadily shifting towards gender equality, predominantly because of the increase within the degree of training amongst females and the overall rise in the variety of women energetic within the labor market.

First, several transient background sections present an outline of Albanian migration in Greece, particularly focusing on the migration of Albanian women and the gender roles that construction household life in Albania. The literature evaluate also highlights the impact that the global financial disaster has had on Greece’s labor market, and the issue of home violence in immigrant communities. Then the methodology of the two fieldwork research in Athens, Greece is presented. The two research, performed in 2009 and 2013, were not explicitly concerned with Albanian immigrant women. However, given the focus of Albanian migrants in Athens and the magnitude of the interpersonal violence problem in immigrant communities, the interviews yielded much data on the subject.

Furthermore, some shelters that provide help for victims of IPV can’t accept undocumented immigrants due to threats of shedding government funding . The current examine addresses a few of these issues in relation to Albanian immigrant women in Greece, which has been a significant migration destination nation because the early 1990s. Over half a million Albanians currently reside in Greece , with about forty% of them women. The problem of IPV in Albanian immigrant communities is critical and shows no indication of abating. However, the issue of violence towards immigrant women has obtained comparatively little scholarly attention. For the 2013 research, prosecutors of the First Instance Court2 in Athens and Piraeus were contacted with the cooperation of governmental organizations providing social service to battered women. Fifteen interviews had been with public prosecutors at the courts of first occasion .

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The paper concludes with a discussion of the findings and their implications. Scholars argue that undocumented or legally dependent female immigrants expertise IPV in several ways from that of citizens and at a lot larger charges than within the common populations . Similar to different battered women, feminine immigrants concern their batterers, but their nervousness is exacerbated by their authorized and political vulnerability . For instance, some undocumented immigrant women are legally dependent on an abusive partner for access to social and health services.

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A variety of research focus on gender differences in job achievement in destination international locations and establish structural limitations in occupations for immigrants, which restrict them from using their training and abilities . Female migrants, regardless of their degree of education in their country of origin, usually settle for jobs or positions beneath their abilities, information or schooling levels. For instance, Campani argues that migrant women in Southern European states who entered the nation for household reunion typically began to work within a strongly gendered labor market, which further narrows their alternatives . Similarly, Cavounidis (, p. 653) argues that because European labor markets stay closed to migrant women from non-EU international locations, it results in the deskilling and disqualification of many female laborers. It is critical to level out that a partner who had been granted a residence permit through the family reunion clause grew to become depending on the authorized standing of his/her partner “sponsor”. In order to apply for an unbiased authorized standing, he/she must reside in Greece for 5 years. Albanian migrant women entered the labor market in rising numbers.

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Namely, the study uncovered how the migration status of immigrant women affected their options for seeking relief from IPV. In addition, the research focused on the ways in which the authorized system could be mobilized for helping immigrant battered women and provide help and safety. Migrant women’s vulnerability to IPV can be considered by way of the lens of gender and constructed gender roles that exist within the host country and country of origin.


However, in the non-public sphere, equally to Albania, Greek society continues to depend on traditional gender norms. The emphasis on the patriarchal construction of the household, protection of the household and marriage, and maternal care for giant households stay very sturdy in Greek society. For instance, historically in Greece refusal to meet the male partner’s sexual needs could be considered a purpose for divorce and carried heavy social consequences for a woman . Thus, until 2006, the regulation did not acknowledge the crime of marital rape since sexual activity was historically thought-about a common obligation of marriage. Women immigrants were additionally undoubtedly affected by the economic crisis. The tourist trade, the place lots of them have been employed, has sustained successful, but was quicker to get well in comparison with the development business.

The country has taken steps to stop and handle violence towards women. Support companies for survivors of home violence have been strengthened, involving nationwide shelters, free authorized help, referral mechanisms at the municipal stage, and a National Counselling Line for Victims of Domestic Violence.

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When the patriarchal organization of the family is crumbling, domestic violence might become a way of enforcing women’s conformity. These factors—lack of stable footing when it comes to the legal status and being employed in casual economy—push immigrant women into subservient positions and undoubtedly have an effect on immigrant battered women’s decision to go away their batterers. Respondents within the 2009 research strongly agreed that the scenario of immigrant Albanian battered women in comparison with battered Greek women was dismal. In the 2009 the sampling began with identifying a list of shelters in Athens that present assist to victims of violence and a listing of NGOs that target women and immigration points. Both the listing of shelters and NGOs list were retrieved from organizational materials about women immigrants from DIOTIMA.1 The group recognized 5 shelters in Athens and eight NGOs that work with women and immigrants. Initial contact with the shelters and NGOs have been made through email, inviting employees to take part within the analysis directly and asking for his or her assistance in recruiting additional members. Everybody contacted agreed to participate and meet for interviews through the field research part in Athens.

In Michail’s ethnographic examine one feminine respondent stated that “only a few women manage to earn as much as before and these are often envied by others” (, p. 272). However, there is indication that immigrant women’s revenue remained extra stable than that of men. In fact, some women turned the principle breadwinner for his or her households, which is in distinction to conventional values , and have been able to stay in Greece while their husband returned to Albania . Other immigration scholars argue that ladies are most frequently concentrated in home work (“female jobs”) and within the lowest paid sector of employment because immigrants are presumed to be poor by way of training, professional standing or work experience .

The initial contact information for immigration lawyers in Athens was obtained from revealed reviews about refugees’ state of affairs in Greece. The 4 legal professionals who co-authored this report were contacted and all agreed to fulfill and take part in the examine. Key contact persons from related governmental offices, such as the General Secretariat for Gender Equality, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Justice, were also invited to participate within the examine. This was carried out as a result of shelters for battered women in Greece normally fall under the auspices of the state authorities or, even if they’re operated by NGOs, they nonetheless obtain some financial help from the state.

A variety of research on gender roles have emerged in the migration literature. Overall, these research give attention to how societies construct and reinforce roles for male and female immigrants and the way immigrant women reconcile the variations in their roles between the origin society and host nation. For occasion, Baluja’s research found that the gender roles of Bangladeshi immigrants change significantly after migration . Immigrant families, on the one hand, stress conventional albanian women dating gender expectations similar to feminine childcare suppliers and male as family breadwinners. However, however, these female immigrants exercise extra freedom of motion with out males than do their counterparts in Bangladesh. Thus, in the receiving nation, immigrant women can doubtlessly alleviate some of the burdens related to their own tradition’s traditional gender roles.

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According to the 2001 Census the predominant area of immigrant feminine employment was housekeeping (fifty two%). Lazaridis in her examine of Filipino and Albanian domestic employees in Greece writes that prior to the Nineteen Nineties migration inflow, most of domestic staff were native Greek working class women from rural areas . Improvement in dwelling requirements and education levels of Greek women, coupled with the influx of migrants, led to the abandonment of this work by Greeks, who entered the labor market themselves. The recent international economic crisis contributed to worsening of employment alternatives for a lot of immigrants. As mentioned, the construction sector, which tends to make use of many Albanian immigrant men, experienced a significant lower in demand. In addition, immigrants might not be lined or protected by unemployment providers, which further elevated their vulnerability for poverty. Consequently, it became tougher for immigrant men to accomplish their culturally anticipated roles of protectors and primary breadwinners.