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A good example is the fact that Brook is readily scared by ghosts and you will zombies (even with technically becoming inactive himself)

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A good example is the fact that Brook is readily scared by ghosts and you will zombies (even with technically becoming inactive himself)

Compared with one other cowardly crew members’ own anxieties – Usopp’s being out-of low self-esteem, Nami’s due to the fact an emergency instinct, and you will Chopper’s out of cautiousness – Brook’s worry is more down to earth; the guy worries the things that are not regular. To struggle different Thriller Bark creatures instead worry when he discovered her or him, Brook convinced themselves whenever he sings when you’re fighting, however not scared of them (even if he begins running into the anxiety as he ends up vocal). That it vocal whenever you are attacking, although not, got a complication of making your seem like an even more sinister animal towards the zombies – a rather ironic truth on account of your as the contrary and you will that the fresh new song he sings through the race being certainly lifetime and delight than among ominous risk and you will worst given that seen by her or him. Thanks to this, even with his equal worry he was given the identity away from “Humming Swordsman” by the zombies and you will are ironically dreadful by the her or him in turn.

He frequently does not instance moving prompt, evident when he was a student in the greater number of serious rides within Sabaody Park. About this will be moving within high rate through the Traveling Fish Riders flying seafood otherwise motif park rides and you can assaulting a beneficial Pacifista cyborg there is certainly absolutely nothing possible opportunity to earn againstically, each one of these fears was some thing the guy themselves gets the potential in order to unintentionally result in such getting a near traditions skeleton you to definitely is also focus on rapidly that every somebody would have nothing opportunity to winnings against.

When you look at the Punk Danger Arch, Brook expanded crazy at the an effective dragon having rejecting him, saying you to skeleton keeps a number of nutrients

Prior to experiencing this new Straw Limits, Brook was very alone when you find yourself floating adrift to the his watercraft and you will longed-for the organization away from someone else. He very first accepted Luffy’s render to join the brand new crew and you may greeting himself more for dinner up on arriving onboard brand new Thousand Bright just therefore he may get in touch with the latest team and you can complete the newest gap which he knowledgeable each one of these ages. Plus, if you find yourself possibly one of many oldest pirates “alive”, Brook nonetheless retains an environment regarding childishness regarding the him that enables him to act in a sense just like Luffy and you may Chopper, noted by the simplicity that the guy participates within childlike antics.

When he had educated passing himself just after before, he knows over extremely concerning outcomes off dying

Their type of personality and li, Usopp, and you will Chopper concern a beneficial “guardian” away from Hogback’s lab, Ryuma, that has Brook’s signature wit and you will character. [18] This was just like the Ryuma had Brook’s shade until the samurai try defeated of the Zoro, where Brook’s trace was gone back to their rightful set.

Awkwardly, Brook does run out of good judgment when you look at the somewhat hectic minutes. Such as for example, whenever Luffy falls towards the liquid, Brook (and you can Helicopter even) leaps to your liquids, even with getting a demon Fruits associate himself. He likewise has a tendency to eventually embark on adventures one to wade definitely prompt and you may sit on reduced tours.

He seems to capture crime if someone else avoids him because the guy has no “substance”. However, in Zou Arc, most of the the dog minks about Mink Tribe always bit Brook due to your being made of bones, which he did not take pleasure in anyway.

Brook thinks in features quoted the brand new values “Good stuff arrive at individuals who hold off”, because of the ages he spent on the fresh new ghost vessel, joining the fresh Straw Hats, and you may training from Laboon’s perseverance.

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not, you to material they have stood by ‘s the act away from wasting existence. Therefore, he has a deep hatred in the event you do not well worth lifetime whatsoever, whether it’s their particular, other people otherwise one another. Including, instance their chief, the guy highly detests leaders that would kill their subordinates towards the a whim also.